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Japan to privatise 7 airports in Hokkaido: Kamori Kanko to join French Coalition

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLITT) has decided to privatise tender for the operation of seven Hokkaido airports, Kamori Kanko has announced on the 19th that, they will join one of the bidders – a coalition by Groupe ADP, formerly Aéroports de Paris or ADP (Paris Airports), is an international airport operator based in Paris, France.  Others big players such as Tobu railway group and Tokyo Tatemono (both Tokyo companies) are also considering joining this coalition.  In addition to the operation performance that ADP generated around the world, the proposal to promote and have spillover effects on local tourism has boosted ADP’s position in the selection race. 

As the 1st bid application deadline approaches on August 16th, the local group coalition led by Hokkaido airport (HKK) versus the foreign group coalition draws even more attention with Kamori joining the latter. Following the closure of the application, 3 groups shall be nominated to entering the 2ndbid review. The result will come out in July 2019.

Source: Hokkaido Newspaper

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