The Vale Rusutsu

Interview with the Chairman of Niseko Alpine Developments

Kamori Kanko has started the large development project at Rusutsu Resort and Niseko Alpine Developments, as the business partner has been supporting and encouraging on the proceeding of this project.  Niseko Alpine Developments has had long and extensive experience in operating condominiums and managing development projects in Niseko, with the know-how to attract and manage wealthy buyers, together with Kamori Kanko we are honoured to showcase this property, said by the Chairman – Jonathan Martin.

Chairman Jonathan Martin
Niseko Alpine Developments [NISADE] Chairman – Jonathan Martin
How do you anticipate the Hokkaido market to be?

With the increasing number of tourists visiting Hokkaido every year, we think Hokkaido is gradually becoming a well-known brand. The Vale Rusutsu is only at the first development stage for the resort, in the future, for accommodating all tourist needs, a large shopping area and more accommodation options shall be incorporated, as well as public space where tourists can bond with the locals.  Rusutsu resort will become THE place where short-term visits and long-term stay needs can both be accommodated.

Heard there are roughly 30 units been sold as of June?

Yes, indeed. Out of the 30 units, 30% were bought by Japanese clients with the rest being from Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Unlike the condominiums in Niseko, The Vale Rusutsu is built in Rusutsu Resort, a place Japanese guests are familiar with and therefore we expect to have more Japanese owners to own a piece of heaven in Rusutsu Resort.

Source: Hokkaido Kensetsu Newspaper: