The Vale Rusutsu

Kamori Kanko prepares to expend the investment on Rusutsu Resort facilities as well as building mega commercial complex

Kamori Kanko will increase the investment in the facility in Rusutsu resort. On June 23rd, The Vale Rusutsu construction started which will follow by 30-40 more condominiums to come in Kamori Kanko’s plan, on top of that, a big shopping mall aimed to be enter the construction is also in view in 2020.  In order to create an area that is different from Niseko where there’s a strong concentration of foreign tourists, Kamori Kanko is welcoming the joint venture from overseas companies and together they can execute the town development as well as making Rusutsu village an even better tourist location. 

The Vale Rusutsu is located on the east side of North and South Wing hotel, the condominium is a 10-story building with 1 basement floor and occupies a total area of 18,000 sqm. The pricing range is between 56,000,000 – 460,000,000 yen aiming for the buyers who are looking for new opportunities to own a piece of high-end property in Rusutsu.  Furthermore, The Vale Rusutsu is connected to a spa facility which is part of the 18 year development plan by Kamori Kanko who is estimated to invest around 1.4 billion on the plan.

Mr. Kimihito Kamori, the chairman of Kamori Kanko; the architect, Mr. Peter Hahn and the construction company Nakayamagumi CEO – Mr. Shigeru Nakayama attended the ground-breaking ceremony, they were also required to use the ritual digging implements to perform their parts in this traditional Japanese ceremony, to prey for the successful completion of the 2-year construction. Mr. Kamori also expressed the plan of 30-40 more buildings to be developed in Rusutsu resort, exhibiting a willingness on the near future investment. 


Mr. Kamori attending the ground-breaking ceremony

The plan to build a shopping mall is to accommodate increasing foreign visitors as well as day-trippers. The shopping mall location on the top floors of the condominium has also been considered. When asked about when the shopping mall would be constructed, Mr. Kamori replied that, after the selling of 60% of the condominium, as well as depending on the discussion with the financial agencies.  Other than the condominium and the shopping mall, Kamori Kanko also wants to build more hotels. Kamori Kanko will not be alone in this large development as there are companies from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Hawaii expressing interest to join.

Mr. Kamori is deeply concerned with protecting his “staff” and ensuring they are secure in their jobs and able to work a long time in Rusutsu. He envisages to invite operators to open various shops and build more staff accommodation, as an example, the newly built staff accommodation has the pharmacy – ‘Sapporo Drug Store’ occupying the 1stfloor commercial space. Other than developing the resort, Mr. Kamori is additionally thinking to contribute to the town development as well.  

Source: Hokkaido Kensetsu News